this was the first car show I ever attended and I must say this, it was Dope! A lot of the cars there were just for show but what I want to talk about is the section of the car show that almost sent me to the hospital. That was the audio contest of the car show. I done had some beat in my cars before but these niggas go above and beyond and quite frankly overboard with the music.

At the contest the judges had two different categories to judges contestants on and those were, street legal and the other category was I guess was the shit you would definitely get all types of citations from the police with if you drove around with your speakers knocking like that.

Deeper than the sound almost blowing my eardrums the air inside the car from the speakers literally knocked down anything set on the window’s ledge. I sat inside a red mini van that was in the contest. Before I got inside I looked in the back and it was loaded with huge amps and giant wires that snaked out in every direction. I was a little scared but I asked anyway. I asked could I sit inside. When I was given the go ahead I jumped in the pasenger seat. The white boy behind the wheel and the owner of the van turned up the volume. At first it was cool. I started vibing, but then he cranked up the volume again. This time my ears started hurting. I tried to hold on and stay inside the van but I couldnt take it and jumped out.

Check out the video below.

The car show. This is the red mini van that I had to jump out of it was so loud.

This mini van was loud and drove me out of it but remember that the contest had rules and street legal was the main thing. This mini vcan was definately not street legal. I got out as soon as possible.


This black truck was knocking and it was clear to see from the beginning but its hard not to get excited and go crazy about a van knocking shit down and runnning niggas out of it. But this is the winner.

The sound was crystal clear and could be heard from blocks away. From personal expericence I know its hard to get all the things you want to get out of a car audio system but this truck had it all; loud bass, crystal clear treble. Even though pounding for blocks, the words, and I mean every word was still able to be understood and sung along with like some type of street karaoke.


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