the festival in the park this year was cool for thge most part, the weather was good. the clouds were overcast but that meant that the sun wasnt out. The Block Paper went out and enjoyed the festivities, and enjoyed the different foods the different vendors had to offer.

The most notable foods at the festival was a gourmet popcorn vendor… we stopped at the booth. They had all types of different types of varieties of popcorn. The prices were descent as well. The popcorn tubs came in two sizes, $6.00 and $12.00 tubs. Just to name a couple of flavors I bought a mixture of buffalo wing popcorn and mixed it with jalapeno cheddar. Definitely unique.

The other food that was at almost every booth was ribs. Everybody had ribs. We tried a few different rib shacks and most of them were good but there was this one shack where this old lady was and everybody said here ribs were bogus but other than that the ribs were good. We also tried Cornish hens and grilled corn with Parmesan cheese and butter.

A few notable musicians came and performed and the first days went off without violence. But then it came like we all knew it would. The city would’nt be nicknamed Must Keep A Gun otherwise. The feeling was in the air the first night. When you’re from the street and have been off the porch for years and in the trenches there’s this eery feeling that comes over you when you feel something is about to happen. But nothing happened.


We were on our way to the beer tent to capture photos for an article but was ran off the road when police and ambulances came flying by us. WE didn’t know where they were going at first but moments later got the phone call that told us that shots had been let off at the festival and that several people were shot.

That night police were everywhere and the next morning the rumors were everywhere. In the future being an alleged shooter is a serious allegation and people spread that type of shit falsely can get the wrong people fucked up and the innocent locked up.


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