THE GREAT DIVIDE: Police shooting in Muskegon Hts has people taking sides

A cop gets shot and it seems to have divided the city of Muskegon. Social media was on fire with people taking up for the police and expressing their disdain for the incident. We don’t condone violence here at The Block Paper, just simply posing a question.

People have died at the hands of the cops; have been beaten at the hands of the cops and even on camera in instances such as the Rodney king “beating”. And they get away with it. Here in Muskegon they killed A young man by the name of Ju Ju. Who was very influential and a trendsetter and even to this day he is credited for many things that are taking place in the city of Muskegon and Muskegon heights and just to name one thing, music.


Where are all the people that speak out on everything against the people but don’t speak up for the people? These are the same people that talk about the liquor store but still drink liquor and frequent the liquor store. Or the same people that complain about the gloom and blight but don’t pick up a broom. The point being; the same conversations need to arise when the shoe is on the other foot and a young black or brown individual, male or female no matter the age group or creed, or religion because when it comes to the black community especially it seems we divide ourselves into deeper levels of society based on status, wealth and reputation.

What about the conditions in the county jail? Speak on the school closures, the gang problem, the people dying in the county jail at the hands of officers. Unfair bond practices. State troopers coming off the highway harassing people and violating constitutional rights. Where are those discussions?

Back to this divide shit. I’m reading posts from so called “thugs” defending the cop’s honor. Taking their side. That’s cool because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and viewpoints but the cops already got the judge, the jury, the prosecutor, and most of the press on their side. Not to mention walkie talkies, dispatchers, dogs, snitches, and good samaritans that will share the photo of the “alleged”. Who stands for the people?

The same ones making those comments are the same ones that will report in either for the reward, or even worse, for free.

“I don’t like that shit.”

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  1. I remember juju i was right down the street when that all happen i from the same hood as my nigga juju they tried saying he had a gun on him but he didn’t cops in muskegon are a joke thats y i dont trust them

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