The Future & The Features Poetry Event For All Ages

This event was dope actually. More exciting and entertaining than we thought. When we were on our way we we knew we were going to the library and people get different vibes in libraries but this was different . Their staff let the poets do them and let their styles stand out. That is what was most entertaining about the entire event.

All of the talent was good but most importantly the name of the event was the Futures And The Features. The title is dope in itself but I hink it mislead me a little. Why? because I felt, and its my opinion that the most entertaining and thought out poems were from the studens thats came from Orchard Veiw, the adults and so called “features” took the event for granted and didnt think people would be there watching and judging, but we were.

Even on that note some of the features were decent and deserve to be talked about. Gemini The Poet performed through pieces. Two of them were just normal. This is not speaking about the words spoken and performed but the delivery, because when poetry is delivered from memorization the words are conveyed better. I liked all of her poems but the one that really made me repsect her was the one she did from memorization.

The standout poet of the show was a young girl aged 15. We didn’t get a photo out of respect for her parents, but she was everything you would think a poet should be. The crazy part was that she even read from her phone but still made it feel like memorization.


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