trump said Sweden is a great country and many, many, many of the African American people are his friends. He said he does not know ASAP Rocky personally, but all he knows is that ASAP Rocky has a lot of influence in the African American community. He also said that the only reason ASAP Rocky was brought to his attention was through his young super model wife. Maybe a super fan and maybe this is a husband doing something for his wife, something special, and not just because it’s right and ASAP Rocky is an American citizen even without the African in front the word American

ASAP Rocky has been held in Sweden in inhumane conditions reports say. Reports also say ASAP Rocky may be in deeper trouble because of Trumps added support. The Swedish government might go harder on Rocky because of Trump just to let him know that everyone won’t bow down to Trump who many feel is a bully.

Is Trump reaching for black support? Is he trying to set himself up for the 2020 elections coming up next year? What will he do next? Go to all the black churches like he did last election and say things like “my African Americans. Oh, SMH, he already did this and there were many tap dancing for the billionaire.

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