Dream Chasers, keep chasing…

Meek Mill is finally living his dream: “I really did it”. He said.

Life hit different when you go through with shit you started and get to see the end result of your struggles pay off. I just went through it myself.

Meek said that he was happy that justice prevailed and the outcome wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his family, his attorneys, and Jay-Z.

Meek Mill’s life could change forever. After spending 11 years on probation for drug and gun charges, the Pennsylvania Superior Court overturned his 2008 conviction and granted him a new trial. He no longer has a criminal record.

Dream Chasers (MEEK’S RECORD LABEL), and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation? Yeah they’re linking up. For Meek this is huge. Maybach Music Group probably wasn’t the best place for him after his public feud on wax with label mate Wale.

Coming from Philadelphia Meek done probably been through a lot, but just let me do a quick recap.  His career could be in a much better place but do to Petty probation violations all coming from the 11 year stint on probation he’s been held back and had to reset. My nigga still moving forward though.  He got a gang of high-profile support while serving 2 years for a probation violation that everybody knew and felt was harsh and put a spotlight on the harsh realities of our criminal justice system. Supporters started the hashtag #FreeMeekMill and repeatedly protested outside the Pennsylvania prison where he was held. He said he was “uncomfortable” with the whole #FreeMeek campaign.

“I was really thinking more like, free everybody that’s caught in these type of situations.” He said.

On Championships he wrote and rapped about the black female judge that sent him away and for 2 years for basically popping a wheely on a motorcycle. He rapped about crakc babies and how going to prison is inevitable due to the makeup of the environement. He spoke on having friends in prison that can’ do nothing or offer him nothing but a friendship. And the last two stand out things that got me with the album and let me know he sat down and did some hard thinking on his lil’ bit.

He spoke on how his celly in the joint had to use his collect calls maybe because he didnt have none. Dude’s momma had just died and if nobody didnt let him use the phone hje wouldnt be able to mourn properly. He even went further and said that her funeral was coming and if they (friends behind the wall who are also prisoers) didn’t piece together sonme funds and give him a check then he wouldnt be able to the funeral.

The other stand out line and probably the most thought provoking thing ive ever heard is “scools getting closed and the prisons getting open. victims of the system like rain drops in the ocean”

His relationship with Jay-Z is getting stronger as well as with other billionaires, dropping “Championships“, and now he’s repping hard as a criminal justice activist.


As a kid he always saw himself being successful. He lost his pops at an early age, grew up in a single-parent home, and like too many kids we all know he always wanted to be the man in the house. Growing up he said he always felt like he should be the one to hustle, sacrifice and grind hard to put his family in a better position.

He started rapping early and entering competitions. “I don’t even think I was real good. I just was determined,” he said. “I practiced day after day after day and got better. And you know, there was a lot of people in my neighborhood that was way better than me.” He said no one was able to match his drive. Simply put he worked harder than everybody. He said writing music came easy to him.

“It was kind of easy for me, because I was seeing things, things that the average kid on the other side of America, I would say in the ghettos of America, so much pain and trauma. These things you can never forget.” He said.

“I think Jay a really smart guy. I think he one of the best to ever do it, and not just say rapping. But coming from the worst part of America to becoming a billionaire. We idolize the things we dream of. And things that we always thought – that I always thought that was not obtainable, like becoming a billionaire from a guy who didn’t even step foot in college? And I think he’s breaking barriers for the ones that come even after me to shoot high.”

Now Meek is living that dream he once thought he was unable to have.

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