I miss my love

I don’t even know where to start. Sometimes you find love and then you lose love. I met her uptown on Dykeman. She was light skinned. I passed her by slowly and we locked stares. I pulled over to the curb through busy traffic. She stopped and turned to the car and I rolled down the passenger window. I ain’t know if it was the white Benz I was in, or if she could see my Breitling shining brighter than the lightning  in a thunderstorm. But I knew right then she was ’bout her money. Her name was Rosie, and that was the first day we met.

She was more than just a nice ass and a good fuck. I soon came to find out she had a good friend up in Washington heights that got bricks of white in. She set up the meeting and when the day came dude caught a flight in. We met at a 5 star restaurant. At the table we all sat down and he took charge. He popped a bottle of white wine and poured up glasses, one for me, one for Rosie, and then one for himself. He didn’t pour his body guard  one.The bodyguard just stood behind Javier with seriousness all on his face. It was a scene straight from corporate white America, but with a south American drug lord twist. It was like the deal going down was a legitimate business.

After one sip Javier got straight to business.

“You the type I usually don’t invite into the circle. But since we got a mutual friend I can get you like ten.”

I told him. “And I can move like ten by night’s end.”

We put our wine glasses over our plates like a pitcher throws strikes in a baseball game and a toast to our new business relationship. He smiled then finished his glass of wine, then told me there was a van outside and to pull my S class behind it.

Rosie drove the work to the address I whispered into her ear. Then I watched her turn off the block then flagged a cab in front of the restaurant. At home I called up my mans Mike and told him to send a wire out to the dope buyers and word got around like we was passing out fliers.

Just like that, the bricks went as quick as they came. I took Rosie out to dinner once the last brick was gone. Looking at her from across the table I smiled. I was back to being a hustler and this chick was to blame.

Twelve months later I turned my Benz into a Lambo. Everywhere I went I took my fam, my team, and corks popped and champagne flowed. I had to celebrate because that’s just the way I am and every week since I had got the connect I had watched fifty thousand grams go.

Life couldn’t get no better. I had money, an army full of Rambos, trunks filled with bricks, and guns filled of ammo. I even had detectives in case something went wrong. The money was so strong they saw the game from my perspective. Not to mention that with my shorty, Rosie, I felt so protected. That’s how it should be, because after all she is the one that knew where the connect lived.

Rosie ain’t really talk much, she was real calm and collected. I knew since she was fucking with me she must’ve seen something, because she’s real selective. I used to always tell her to fall back on riding the bricks to the spot but she would still do it.

“The rush makes me feel alive Papi,” she would always tell me fussing. “You gotta let me drive, you know it ain’t that many niggas you can trust out here.”

Time was flying and me and Rosie was doing good and money was still coming in. That’s when I started looking for a ring for my queen. I headed up to Connecticut to hopefully find a diamond that would light up her finger like ET’s. I found a nice ring but just as I was about to pay for it my cell phone went off in my pocket. I answered it. On the other end was a detective and he sounded nervous.

“We need to talk now!” He said.

“Chill,” I told him, “I ain’t in the town now, plus any problems I got get traced in chalk. But when I get back we can sit and chit chat. I hope this ain’t no bullshit ’cause I ain’t even with that.”

I hung up, paid for the five carat flawless diamond, then made my way back to the town and called a meeting with my committee. We were all sitting at a round table in the back of one of my strip clubs.

“Get ready for tomorrow because they coming in with fifty,” was the last thing I said at the short meeting and before everybody left.

I almost forgot I had to stop and see the cop that had called me while I was out of town. I didn’t really pay it much attention. I figured he was just one of the ones on my payroll that didn’t get his cut of the dirty money and had his hand out.

I called him up and told him to meet me by the bridge. I drove myself and we met by the river. The stench was horrible and the buildings towering over us in the back were tall and lit up but under the bridge where we were it was dark.
“The feds done snatched your chick up. Caught her at a pick up, scooping them bricks up. She gon’ cooperate in a fix up. Probably at headquarters now hanging flicks up.”
I asked him. “Are you sure? Shorty’s my heart.” I turned away from him with thoughts running through my mind. This happened to me before, with my mans Theodore, all over a key of raw. My nigga got killed, other niggas got killed and to this day I still feel guilt. “I don’t believe that.”
“I’m sure,” he said. “But you hot my nigga. She put ’em on you. I swear on Jesus and his peers its true and I’m here to warn you before it’s too late.”
I looked him in the eyes. I believed him.
Normally I would’ve just ended her life, but this was the chick that I intended to wife. I went home and that night I had trouble sleeping. I knew she could feel my sudden discomfort.
The next morning she woke up earlier than usual and I got up with her, got dressed and looked at her.

“I’m hitting the spot up with you,” I told her.
She froze like a deer in headlights and looked at me over her shoulder. “You don’t have to go with me Papi I can handle it,” she told me, “I’ve done it enough to do a good job by myself like I always do.”
”Nah,” I told her.” I just want to go. It’s been a while baby and truthfully I miss it.” I slipped on a hoody and a pair of Jordans.

We pulled up to the spot. The sun hadn’t even came up yet it was so early. She put the car in park then leaned over and kissed me before she climbed out of the car. She crossed in front of the headlights and lightly jogged to the building, pulled the door open and was gone from my sight.

I opened the ring box and looked at the ring that was about to be ours. A single tears rolled down my face. It’s crazy how your whole life can change in just one year. My thoughts were interrupted by a single gunshot. I jumped and looked toward the building and saw my hitter, I won’t say his name, run out in all black and disappear.

I closed the ring box, climbed over to the driver’s seat, wiped the tears from my face and pulled off.

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