what is project safe neighborhoods?


Project Safe Neighborhoods is a nationwide initiative that brings together federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and community leaders. They are supposed to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in a community and develop comprehensive solutions to address them. This is supposed to be an effort to reduce violent crime, the Department of Justice claims, and has implemented a program called Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Initiative.


Each local program is supposed to be tailored to fit the specific violent crime problem in its district and utilize law enforcement and community intelligence, along with technology, to identify and target the most violent offenders for enforcement action.

It directs United States Attorneys (federal prosecutors) to marry enforcement efforts with support of prevention and reentry strategies to truly combat violent crime in a lasting way. In other words, cities make joint task forces and even after arrest prosecutors have godlike powers to either try the case in state court or refer it or send it to the feds for grand jury hearings to secure indictments, federal prosecution, and ultimately a long, stiff mandatory federal sentence.

Think about this… How many people have you seen actually get investigated by the feds? I’ll wait as you think.

You’ve seen many people and know many people that have went to federal prison but really think… you don’t know a single person that was actually investigated by the feds like in the movies with wire taps and video recordings. Mafia style. Nope more than likely everyone you know that went to the feds were arrested on state charges and referred or had their case sent to the federal prosecutors and then they were indicted after sitting a while in a local county jail.

Just the people testifying and the jury. The person being spoke on can’t be there or have representation there, and most of the people never learn what was said about them in these secret sessions. And once they get you remember their conviction rate is high 90’s and almost 100%.

One day you’re in county lock up, next day the feds got you. It’s real. Stay woke.

The feds have to send people to the grand jury to secure indictments. They need at least 2 people to go in front of the grand jury. The grand jury is a monster and a defendant’s worse nightmare. Imagine a trial where people can say whatever they want about you with no objections. Where everything said is about you and there people listening that determine if you are worthy of a federal indictment. Again people are slandering you but you are nowhere in the building and there is no lawyer there representing you. Just people saying the worst things about you and a prosecutor asking witnesses questions about you. No wonder why the grand jury almost always return indictments.

This is the easiest way for the feds to secure indictments and lock people up. The other way is a complaint, and a complaint takes more of an investigation on the part of the federal agency, whether DEA, ATF, or whatever agency is trying to throw the book at you.

Every United States Attorney is implementing a PSN program that incorporates these standard features:

  • Leadership by the United States Attorney to convene all partners (Godlike powers for prosecutors)
  • Partnerships at all levels of law enforcement and with the community (Every agency local, state, and federal can team up to hunt and target the cities that are a part of the program
  • Targeted enforcement efforts that: utilize the full range of available data, methods, and technologies to identify the offenders that are driving violent crime rates in the most violent locations in the district, ensure prosecution of those offenders in the federal, state, local, or tribal system – whichever provides the most certain and appropriate sanction; (I’LL BREAK IT DOWN FURTHER LATER)
  • Prevention of additional violence by prioritizing efforts such as: ensuring public awareness of the violent crime reduction strategy and enforcement results;
  • communicating directly to offenders about the consequences of continuing violent behaviors;
  • supporting locally based prevention and reentry efforts;

Accountability for results based on outcome (reduction in violent crime), not merely output (numbers of investigations or prosecutions). The numbers to show reduction or even that the programs, Project safe neighborhoods, or Secure City place is working at all. The only thing these programs seem to be doing is costing communities greatly. These costs incur in arrests, bonds, family tolls, and of course the cost of life from mass incarceration and tax payers pay for people to be in prison.

predicting the future

Timelines change when you go federal. It’s a whole new world. The shit you would get county time for when sentenced in state court you will more than likely get many years if you go federal.

The feds operate like this. All sentences are either tallied up by background cases, and for these old cases you get points for felonies and misdemeanors, even if you were a juvenile charged as an adult you get points. Then there is mandatory minimums. Just a few years ago crack cocaine had a 100 to 1 ratio to powder cocaine. That meant getting caught with 1 kilo of crack was like getting caught with 100 kilos of powder cocaine. This has recently dropped down to 18 to 1 and has allowed people to be released. But don’t think this is because they want people out or feel they have changed. Remember prison is a well thought out business. It is because cocaine is not a major threat to the American people anymore, think about the price hike, and with drugs like heroin and meth a lot more cheaper and ravaging the white community dealers of these drugs are more valuable to house in the cells the crack dealers have occupied for years and years. Thus the focus has shifted to guns, methamphetamine, and heroin. The crack era has died and they have to make way for the new drug dealers.

The other most notable sentencing factor is career offender enahncements. There are two different variations of career offender. The one that involves violent or drug crimes takes either a mix of 2 violent or drug delivery crimes to get a stiff mandatory miunimum. The other is if caught with a gun, you become an armed career offender. This takes a mixture of 3 violent or drug trafficking crimes in your background.

Based on your background and how your points are added up you get a base offense level and a criminal history category. These are the 2 factors that control your sentence. Once you find out what your base offense level is and your criminal history category then you can literally run your finger across the chart below and find your sentence in months. The base offense level runs down the left side of the chart and the criminal history across the top. So say if I’m criminal history category 4 with a base offense level of 33 you find the spot where the two categories meet on the chart and that’s your sentence. For this example it’s 188 months (15 years) – 235 months (19 years 7 months). It doesn’t matter the crime you committed. It’s all about criminal history. Prosecutors, state and federal can be selective with their prosecutions.

As stated in their policy:

Prosecution will occur where the appropriate sanction is, whether state or federal court. You have to remember state prosecutors have the option to refer any case and federal prosecutors have all types of tools available.

In many ways these are violations of double jeopardy laws.




making up shit

For years there have been people fighting for their lives behind the wall because federal undercover agents made up a story and got them a bunch of time. I’m talking about reverse stings. Imagine someone approached you and he’s angry about being mistreated as a drug dealer by his boss but claims to know where the stash house is and invites you to help rob it. He tells you there is multiple kilos inside but that you need a gun before you go and at least 1 more person, aslo with a gun to take with you.

You meet up a few times and listen to the man tell you the plot. Then the day comes for the big job and you are surrounded, taken into custody, charged with everything the undercover agent said was inside the fake drug house. None of it ever really existed. There was never a stash house. No drugs. Nothing, just a story the undercover agent made up and approached you with. Now you have 35 years in federal prison after being found gulty of drug possession, and weapons charges. Remember what we what was discussed above, about backgrounds and godlike powers? Well what if this agent knew exactly who you were, targeted you like stated in the policy and did research on your background. He knew exactly how much dope to say was inside the house to get you a life sentence and off the streets forever.

Think about it. Stay woke. All is not what it seems. There are things meant to look ordinary set in place to ensnare and do away with you and people that look like you. You must be able to see it. Again, alone these programs and initiatives may seem small, but together their impact is huge. Monumental,


stats show no improvement but opposite/ worse

There is no way the Project Safe Neighborhoods program is working. The stats above speak for themselves.


In the first installment of this series of articles we talked about another program, this one was implemented by the governor of Michigan and this is the Secure Cities Placement. It allows state troopers to patrol our streets. Go back and read. It goes to show that there are many things attacking our communities. Thought out programs with sinister outcomes.

The feds have switched their focus from major mafia types and drug kingpins, to now they will lock up anyone from people that possess a single gun, to gang bangers and this open door policy is fueled by this Project Safe Neighborhoods Program. What about the Secure cities Partnership? If the state troopers hit the streets with forece and arrest several people, it’s a good chance that a high percentage of those people may be affected by project safe neighborhoods and referred to the federal government for stiffer prosecution.

Melanated people’s minds are under attack and have been a thing to erase and destroy way before you or me. A war is being waged and has been being waged for many years. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

In the next installment we’ll break down gangs and how it is a train that cannot be stopped but yet cannot at the same time be ignored or disrespected by citizens, local governments, or anyone. How can you fight or deal with a problem that you don’t even consider a problem or just a phase? How can you combat something you don’t even try to understand or accept as reality? These are questions that will be tackled and addressed in the nexr article.

What can be done will be discussed because at the stop the violence rally in Muskegon Heights, Michigan back in September 2019 there were groups and suggestions but nothing has come about as of yet. What was done at that meeting was the state troopers were given $40,000 to deal with the rising violence and implement solutions. But these are the same people that have been patrolling these streets from the highway for years and it is only getting worse.

Final thought. There are many abandoned buildings, schools and other things that can be turned into youth centers and $40,000 would have gone and can still go a long way if put towards this. Instead we see nothing and still have nothing. Still have violence and the children who are doing most of the violence still have nowhere to go and nothing to do but plot and with their idle time.

Project Safe Neighborhoods nor The Secure City Placement has done any good for the Muskegon Community. They are all enforcement tactics and have nothing to do with prevention. Only combat. This is why Muskegon Heights is a small city in a big trouble.

to be continued…

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