A playground is supposed to be a place where kids congregate and play, not the back stoops of project buildings. In the projects the park inside the flat tops to my knowledge had never been opened before. Some kids living in the projects had never even been inside the park to play and have been living inside the projects their entire lives.

Me and one of my staff members sat and waited 15 minutes for a housing commission worker, then finally the door opened and the worker was back. The funny thing was, she still had my business card in her hand. She gave me the card back and said, “If you want talk about an issue submit it on paper and turn it in the desk.”

She gave me my card back. I looked at it then at her. “So all I have to do is write my issue down and bring it back tomorrow?”

She said yes, I told her thank you and she closed the door and me and my staff member left. We turned and left with the card in hand and no answers as to why the park has been closed.


Two hours later I was riding and smoking. I rode past the park, but there was a difference. The gates were open and kids were coming from every direction. They were flooding the park and giving us praises. Kids even took bows and expressed their thanks vocally and loudly. The kid themselves know the park hasn’t been open in years. But the crazy part is they don’t or know one else knew or still doesn’t understand why.

We explained that as long as no one is vocal about what they want or demand in life they will never get it and this is important for a growing child to know.

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