Crime might be down but murders are up – is it Covid 19?

The homicide rate is up in big American cities.

With school mostly online and everything else all messed up and probably headed back that way plus stresses of normal urban life season it’s easy for the coronavirus to come through and shatter the lives of so many living inside the inner city who’s lives are already fragile.

Everyone has on a mask and during the pandemic it’s normal and acceptable to wear gloves.

Adults and the youth have been thrown off an already thrown off balance and it’s showing in the crime stats. Crime may be down but the nature of crime is worsening. Shootings aren’t random. People are aiming for their targets. And with backyard shooting ranges to practice the shots rarely miss now days.

The evolution of crime in the inner city is also a product of the overall shift in the street structure itself. Meaning as you see the drugs change from crack cocaine to more intense mind altering drugs and drugs that lead to hallucinations and strong physical as well as mental addictions then this is what breeds these conditions.

The last factor is if you were to go inside the mind of a killer or a person with tight and strict security instincts then their instincts may be to go ahead with the final solution and take you out because no one wants to walk around in a violent and dark place with hostility in the air. So they clear it.

A new report, by the Council on Criminal Justice, found that the homicide rate increased sharply this summer across 27 US cities: “Homicide rates between June and August of 2020 increased by 53% over the same period in 2019, and aggravated assaults went up by 14%.” Other data, from crime analyst Jeff Asher, found that murder is up 28 percent throughout the year so far, compared to the same period in 2019, in a sample of 59 US cities. A preliminary FBI report also found murders up 15 percent nationwide in the first half of 2020.

The increase in homicides is large and widespread enough to raise serious alarms for criminologists and other experts

Some experts have cited the protests over the police killings of George Floyd and others — which could’ve had a range of effects, from officers pulling back from their duties to greater community distrust in police, leading to more unchecked violence. Others point to the bad economy.

Only time will tell if everything cool back off. With this cold winter coming people might sit down.

But what about the warmer states?😳


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