Gun law drives prison population and racial disparities

LANSING — Michigan’s felony firearm law, a holdover from the era of tough-on-crime laws that carried mandatory sentences, is being disproportionately applied to Black men, and being unevenly used by prosecutors across the state, according to new research from Lansing based criminal justice reform organization Safe & Just Michigan. The report, “The Problems of Mandatory Sentencing: The troubling legacy of Michigan’s felony firearm law,” was released October 8th and it supports the passing of House Bills 5993-5994, which would end the mandatory two-year sentence for a first offense felony firearm conviction, and urges further action to roll back mandatory sentencing.

Even though on the books they still don’t give it out. They don’t even give parolees the 60 months any more. people barely going to prison for shooting people now a days let alone a gun.

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