2 Raccoons found in bag at church that couple rented to get married!

The couple that were joined in a Holy union and on the other side a dead raccoon like the 2 found in the doorway of the church they rented.

Muskegon- In north Muskegon a couple rented a church to have their wedding ceremony in but the day before when they went to set up what they found in the doorway stopped them in their tracks. There was a brown paper bag and inside were2 dead raccoons.

If you don’t know a derogatory term for African Americans used to be raccoon or coon and it seems that this is what this is implying. Everyone we spoke to about the situation says it’s strange for that church because the neighbors are mostly black and the homes surrounding the church are also black owned.

This is just a clear example of how even almost as far as you can get up north in our country racism will always exist and it is not just tied to the south. It is everywhere and no matter how small of a scale entwined in our everyday lives.

Even with dead raccoons their day still was beautiful and they became 1 without further incidents. The ceremony was brief but it doesn’t have to be when the love is deep.


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