Accused Murderer YNW Melly Reportedly Reportedly enjoyed Stripper Party Outside His Jail and Hosted By His Momma

A video is circulating showing a stripper party that reportedly happened outside of YNW Melly’s jail.

YNW Melly remains in jail on double murder charges and, as he awaits his trial, his family continues to raise his spirits in different ways.

There’s a chance that the 21-year-old rapper will be sentenced to the death penalty but, as he and his legal team argue, there is also the possibility of him being let off the hook entirely

His future stands in the balance but his mother is reportedly making sure that he’s got a smile on his face behind bars. A video is making the rounds, with MTO News reporting that the rapper enjoyed a stripper party outside his jailhouse, which he could watch from his cell.

The clip shows a number of exotic dancers doing what they do, being showered with money outside of the jailhouse.

It’s unclear if the party was actually thrown by his mother, and it also has not been confirmed if this is recent but, considering the fact that some of the ladies are wearing “Free YNW Melly” face masks, it definitely happened within the last few months of the pandemic.

YNW Melly is currently set to remain behind bars until 2021. His next court date is taking place in late January.

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