G Herbo Is Hiring A Full-Time Blunt Roller For $36,000

G Herbo is hiring somebody to roll his blunts for him.

G Herbo has room on his team for one more person, so he’s looking to hire a full-time blunt roller.

Following in the footsteps of Rich The Kid, Waka Flocka, and other rappers, G Herbo announced that he’s opened up a position on his staff for somebody to spend their days and nights rolling blunts for him

If you’ve ever dreamed of preparing blunts for a famous rapper, it might be time to reach out to G Herbo and his management because the 25-year-old Chicago native has officially announced that he’s hiring somebody to get his weed ready for him.

“Who willing to make $36,000 in a year?” asked Herb in a new video. “I’m ready to pay motherfucker 100 a day to roll up. That’s all you getting though, that’s all I got is 100 ’cause I’m letting you smoke.”

Aside from getting close to Herb, you’ll be able to smoke some herb on the job.

“Just so y’all know I ain’t playing bro,” added the rapper. “I love smoking way too much to hate rolling this much, bro. I hate that shit, like with a passion. So I need a motherfucker to roll up for every day.”


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