As King Von’s friends, family and peers continue to mourn the Chicago native’s sudden death, NLE Choppa is apparently receiving messages from the other side. According to the “Shotta Flow” spitter,Von’s spirit visited him on Saturday night (November 7) while he was in the middle of a meditation session.

On Sunday morning (November 8), Choppa said strange things continued happening in his home and needed to share it with his nearly one million Twitter followers.nullADVERTISINGnullnull

“On everything Von visited me last night while in meditation,” he wrote. “I was calling his name while I was doing it, then my computer suddenly came on and lit my room up then it finally cut off. I started to hear my dog move around my room too. Watts crazy tho is how he woke me up. When I finally got up to go to my attic the door was wide open and studio next to it door was closed.

“This just let you know physical he ain’t here but in spirit he is. I was in tears before I prayed and meditated on it and bro came visited me. On god I couldn’t make this up. Bruh I’m the only one in this house and Kingston in his cage. On my daughter this morning it was foot steps above me in the attic and knocking as if he was knocking on the floor above. Once I woke it continued I looked outside my window and everything thinking I’m trippin.

But evidently, not everyone was buying Choppa’s experience and started to accuse him of being out of touch with reality. Or either being high as shit. Then he deleted the tweets and put up a disclaimer instead.

“They swear a n-gga crazy cus y’all ain’t tapped in like I am,” he wrote on Sunday morning. “Done tryna let mfers know that we more than our physical state and that everyone actual has psychic type powers. Every conversation ain’t for everybody tho im off this shit.”

Choppa has been extremely vocal about his newfound respect for meditation. During an interview with HipHopDX in August, Choppa explained how it changed his life.

“I started meditating,” he said. “I found myself again right when all my blessings about to come in, it set me back right on what’s important. Cause at first I was just drained. I was drained, but I feel how drained I was, it kind of benefited in the music I was making.

“It starts with you. It’s all about getting in the right space, being comfortable. You don’t have to sit in certain ways. You ain’t got to do all that. It’s just you being comfortable. Focus on your breathing. Control your thoughts. And if you having wonders, anxieties, anything in your head to where you can’t focus on your breathing … ’cause you worrying about shit? You gotta make a box in your head. A mental thought box for real.”RELATED NEWSNLE CHOPPA ANNOUNCES HE’S DONE MAKING VIOLENT RAP SONGSSEPTEMBER 6, 2020

In early September, the 18-year-old rapper adamantly announced he was done making violent rap songs, tweeting, ““Ion Rap Bout Violence Nomo. If You Hear It From Me It’s A Old Song :100: I Wanna Spread Positivity And Wake People Up. I’ll Still Drop Them For Y’all Tho But Just Know I’m On To Better I’m Tryna grow I Got

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