Virginia OB/GYN Found Guilty of Performing Unnecessary Hysterectomies on Female Patients

Javaid Perwaiz, 70, faces up to 465 years in prison for his fraudulent multi-million-dollar scheme to bilk insurance companies by performing unneeded, invasive surgeries

A Virginia OB/GYN was convicted Monday of healthcare fraud which involved giving women unnecessary hysterectomies and other surgeries.

A federal jury found Javaid Perwaiz, 70, guilty on 52 counts related to health care fraud for an alleged multi million-dollar scheme to bilk insurance companies by performing unnecessary hysterectomies and other surgeries, including tubal ligations.

“In many instances, Perwaiz would falsely tell his patients that they needed the surgeries to avoid cancer in order to induce them to agree to the surgeries,” according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office press release.

Perwaiz, who pleaded not guilty, faces a maximum of 465 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for March 31.

“Doctors are in positions of authority and trust and take an oath to do no harm to their patients,” Karl Schumann, acting special agent in charge of the FBI’s Norfolk field office, said in a statement. “With unnecessary, invasive medical procedures, Dr. Perwaiz not only caused enduring complications, pain and anxiety to his patients, but he assaulted the most personal part of their lives and even robbed some of their future.”

This article is about women but everyone needs to be more careful when visiting medical practitioners.

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