Walmart in trouble for bogus opioid prescriptions

Everybody thought the prosecutions were over with when it came to the big pharmaceutical industry takedown that took place where the pharmaceutical industry was found to be responsible for the rise in opioid use.

The Justice Department is suing Walmart, alleging the country’s largest retailer unlawfully dispensed controlled substances through its pharmacies and helped fuel the nation’s opioid crisis.null

In a civil complaint filed Tuesday, the federal government alleges that Walmart pressured its pharmacists to fill opioid prescriptions quickly, denying them the ability to refuse invalid prescriptions. As a result, the complaint alleges, those pharmacists knowingly filled thousands of prescriptions that came from “pill mills,” prescriptions for particular drug combinations widely abused, and prescriptions that other Walmart pharmacies had flagged as invalid. The latter meant that “when a Walmart pharmacist recognized that a customer’s prescription was invalid, the customer could simply shop around for another Walmart pharmacist or store to fill the same or a similar prescription,” the complaint reads.  

The government also charges Walmart with failing to detect and report suspicious prescriptions to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, as the law requires it to do.

This has led to the new epidemic of heroin use and other opioid abuse mostly from a pharmacy. Now Walmart has to step up to the plate and face the music.

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