Saving Tips From The Block Paper Weekly

Some quick tips to have more left at the end of the month:

  • Move to somewhere smaller or a cheaper area to save on rent
  • Review your day-to-day spending , and I bet you’ll find a few dollars per day to cut out without really feeling it. It all adds up once it comes together right?
  • Earn more! Start a microbusiness to bring in an extra couple of hundred per month, whether that’s selling handcrafts, food in the hood, or doing the same as your day job on a freelance basis in the evenings
  • Cancel stuff! Do you really need all those accounts? Netflix, Hulu, you can only watch and do so much. . Do you ride around burnin gas, smoking weed, and buying food? Killing your pockets from all angles. Better watch out.
  • Set up a regular transfer to automatically transfer 1/3 of your wage to a savings account as soon as you get it. If the money’s not there, you can’t spend it.
  • And make sure to invest and always plan… don’t be caught up the hype of keeping up with the people around you or the people that are actually in a position where they can afford their lifestyle without a loss. Keep some rules about your self and your time will come.

Depending on your situation it might be impossible, but it’s probably a lot more possible than you think. Your future is on you and you should be worried and concerned about it because if you ain’t then who is?

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