Words from the editor: Learning While You Grow

What’s good? I hope everybody is well. 2020 went fast and it almost felt like a blink of an eye… but even though a lot bad happened last year, a lot of good happened too.

Editor In Chief Robert D. Williams “THE DOPEST OUT”

Things happen in life for purposes but it’s up to us if we see the signs and heed them or not. But you know what they say… that signs and symbols are for the conscious minds. I myself made a lot of progress with my companies and separated myself from things that I didn’t want to be connected to. Now I have moved into 2021 with a clear mind, new objectives, and the proper motivation.

Learning while you grow has never meant more for me than it does now and more than the year 2020 has shown me. All last year I had ups and downs, I went to jail, I lost a lot of money and possessions but at the same time I feel I didn’t lose because I learned. People pay to go to college and learn don’t they? Well 2020 was my education. I learned a lot and the year 2021 will be the biggest year of my life because it’s all so simple and now I got it… the concept. From here the snowball effect starts. Wings spread and flight is taken.

I want to thank everybody for rocking with THE BLOCK PAPER WEEKLY and for being apart of our family. Without a community and readers we are nothing and like the title of this article, we are learning as we go and grow. No one has shown us how to create or run a newspaper let alone build one up. But we’ve added more pages so we can get more information to you. When you got to the menu now you will see a sports/fitness/ and money page. Coming soon will be a politics page and food page. The Block Paper tv page will start to get loaded up with more content as we add more broadcasting news style content.

Also more original content as the editor and chief I was busy finishing 2 books I had to complete by the end of the year, but this year more focus will go into THE BLOCK PAPER WEEKLY. It’s a culture, a movement, and it’s only getting bigger and better. There is no stopping THE BLOCK PAPER WEEKLY.

Create innovate dominate.

Thank you for being a part of THE BLOCK PAPER WEEKLY family and ONE SHOT PUBLICATIONS family.


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