“For Me, Michael Is The Greatest Player. But LeBron Is Gonna Have The Greatest Career Ever.” says Doc Rivers on being the G.O.A.T.

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to c\who the greatest player or players in basketball are and have been. That’s in any spots but when i comes to basketball there is a conversation that takes control whenever it is brought up; that conversation is who is the greatest of all time. There is one person that is always at the front and is the bar to be compared too and that is Jordan.

There is Jordan and then there is everyone else being compared to Jordan and it seems no matter what some of these players do throughout there lives it is still ha

Rd for them to add up against Jordan and that’s because it was more than

Scoring points and dunking the ball, it the weak Jordan did form the steps he took to the facoal expressions. There was just something about how Jordan played. So much so it made him a billionaire and =fashion icon.

If you were to ask Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers, he’d lean towards Jordan. However, he recently admitted in an interview for ‘All The Smoke’ that Kobe Bryant could almost match his toughness and competitive drive:

“Michael was just tough. Mike was ruthless. Kobe approached his competitiveness. Other than that, I’ve never seen anyone more competitive. I remember his rookie year was my second year. And he got up to be the amazing star. And we played the memory map of the game. My first thought was there’s no way he can play that hard all season,” Rivers said.

Doc also lauded Kobe’s consistency, effort, and grit. He was amazed by the fact that he was as motivated and competitive as he was during his rookie season, and that’s what made him stand out from the rest of the stars in the league:

“And like, 10 years later, he was still playing the same way. I was amazed how much he gave on the defensive end and the offensive end, and his energy level at which he played like, I don’t know if there been anything like that,” he added.

But, when asked frontally and directly about the GOAT debate, Doc Rivers had quite a valid point, claiming that Jordan will be unmatched skill-wise but LeBron’s career is the best in basketball history:

“For me, Michael is the greatest player. But LeBron is gonna have the greatest career ever. And what he’s doing right now is incredible,” he sentenced.

Maybe LeBron won’t be as much of a dominant two-way player as Jordan was. Maybe his losing record in the Finals will also hurt his GOAT status. But you just can’t take anything away from him and what he’s accomplished, especially if – when – he retires as the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. Maybe we can agree that there’s more than just one GOAT.

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