Neighbor kills 2 on video

A crazy neighbor shot a couple with a handgun before grabbing an AR-15-style rifle from his home and coming back to kill them. It was all caught on tape and over an apparent argument over the couple shoveling snow into his yard.

The video shows the Pennsylvania couple yelling obscenities at the neighbor, before the man grabs a gun and fatally shoots the husband and wife in the middle of the street. The gunman, Jeffrey Spaide, 47, then took his own life as cops closed in.

The argument appears to have been sparked after the victims dumped snow into their neighbor’s yard while clearing their cars.

Spaide asked the pair to stop, which prompted James Goy to throw aside the tool he was using to clean his car, walk up to his neighbor in the street and make a fist at him.

In the video Spaide is seen carrying an AR-15-style rifle on his way to execute his wounded neighbors. James and Lisa initially do not react and remain standing as Spaide opens fire on them. He squeezes off multiple rounds from close range, striking both victims and causing them to collapse to the snow-covered ground.

‘You should have kept your mouth shot,’ he tells Lisa as he pulls the trigger. 

Police said a total of 15 to 20 shots were fired during the confrontation. 

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