Welcome Home to a Living Legend

Fool in the free world

Cedric Parks was a “governor” (a high official) of the Gangster Disciples, a large and vicious street gang that operated in Chicago, Illinois, through the mid-1990s.

I had the opportunity to do time with Fool when I was in Pekin Illinois. He was well respected and respected the guys that kept up ruckus or stood on G shit. He walked around with no less than 4 men either at his side, in front of him or behind him which were his personal security.

Fool again in the free world after giving back a life sentence.

The indictment that got him life, which is the same indictment that brought down Larry Hoover himself and Too Short whom I have photos with and wrote the other article on, alleged that the Gangster Disciples operated through a hierarchy, which included a Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board, Governors, Regents, Coordinators and Soldiers.   At all times during the alleged conspiracy, Larry Hoover (“Hoover”) was the so-called “Chairman of the Board,” which meant that Hoover directed and controlled the activities of the gang.

Hoover was able to continue directing the Gangster Disciples despite the fact that he had been incarcerated for murder since 1973. But it wasn’t until authorities intercepted conversations between Hoover and his visitors (we covered this too with William “Too Short” Edwards) at the Vienna Correctional Facility in Vienna, Illinois, during the fall of 1993. Pursuant to a court-authorized intercept, conversations between Hoover and his visitors were seized using a small transmitter placed in a thin visitor’s pass worn around visitors’ necks. The conversations were intercepted on six different days spread out over seven weekends.  

Me and William “Too Short” Edwards at the Pekin correctional facility. He’s the one that found the recording device on the visit. (See 100,000,000 indicted article(

The conversations ranged from three to eight hours in duration depending upon the length of the visit with Hoover. Because such an extremely small transmitter was used to avoid detection, the clarity of the tapes of the intercepted conversations was compromised.  

The Government was able to intercept sixty-five hours of conversation before the transmitter was discovered. Hours of recorded conversations described the hierarchical structure of the Gangster Disciples, and included discussions about narcotics trafficking, acts of violence, and efforts to thwart law enforcement.  

Although none of the defendants in the Parks indictment are overheard on the Vienna intercept, as the Government itself agreed , the four hours are “the heart of the Government’s case” in that they set out the structure of the gang.  

Most of the people on Larry Hoover’s case is coming home, and since I know them personally I have been told from the mouth of someone on the case that Larry Hoover too will soon be released from federal custody.

A handful of other Gangster Disciples who were sent to prison in the same case also have been freed under the First Step Act. Hoover is waiting for Leinenweber to decide if his life sentence will be reduced.

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