Yep, right back like we left something. We did! A lot of people wanting that news we bring and news you can relate to. The Block Paper Weekly is a newspaper written in the trenches and for the urban community. We are an official part of the free press. We strive for truth, accuracy, and giving you news you can relate to. These are mostly issues of the inner city, or the urban areas as classified by some. We are here to serve the voiceless and shed light on areas the other media companies won’t touch or go near.

The Block Paper Weekly is entertaining as well as informative. If we Stand on it or stamp it as “Block Paper Certified” then you know you can trust and believe that we did our research, fact checked, and did everything in our power to get answers or results.

The Block Paper Weekly was officially launched in the summer of 2015 but has since had management problems due to legal issues with it’s owner. But all that’s in the past. We’re back and we’re here to stay!

This website is the same as the printed version but unlike the paper editions the website is free all we ask for is that you subscribe to us by your email. On blockpaperonline.com you get more content and we are not limited to word counts when reporting. You will also get the content you love and can relate to more frequently and in real time since everything will be shared through our connected social media sites. Also if you subscribe by email you will be alerted through your email provider of new material as soon as we drop it either on your smart phone, tablet, or desktop.